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We’re soliciting questions and comments from the Dartmouth community to help us meet the challenges of Dartmouth’s budget process. Please use the fields below to submit your budget-related questions, comments or suggestions. We will review submissions regularly; while we may not be able to answer each and every question asked, answers to common questions will be posted on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. We are also posting the suggestions we receive on this web site.

Your submission can be anonymous; the name, email, and affiliation boxes below are optional. But if you’d like us to be able to respond to your question or comment directly, please include at least an email address. NOTE: If your web browser is set to automatically fill in forms, your name and email may appear. Simply delete the information when it appears in the name and email boxes to submit an anonymous question or comment.

Please choose a topic for your suggestion or question, then enter your submission. Some questions for you to consider when making comments or suggestions:

  • What cost-saving measures should Dartmouth consider?
  • What areas or services must we work to maintain?
  • In what areas can the College improve?
  • About what aspects of the budget process would you like to get more information?
  • About what areas of the budget are you most concerned?

We will also be working with colleagues across the campus to develop additional venues for you to learn more, and we are look forward to receiving your ideas and opinions.

Thank you!

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Last Updated: 8/23/11