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Suggestions from the Dartmouth Community

The Dartmouth community has been actively engaged in the Strategic Budget Reduction and Investment process. More than 1,300 suggestions, comments, and questions have been submitted since the fall of 2009, when President Jim Yong Kim invited input. Each and every submission has been reviewed, shared with appropriate colleagues and assigned a status. For the 605 suggestions assigned to an active project or still under consideration, we will continue to track and report on outcomes, as projects are implemented or completed. The status of the 1,327 current suggestions, as of Friday, March 26, 2010 is detailed below. To see summaries of the suggestions by topic, click here.

Categories for Assigned Suggestions

Benefits and Compensation

210 suggestions referenced compensation and benefits including early retirement/buyout options (28), furloughs/leaves (21), 7% special benefit (14) , health insurance options (20), salary cuts (53) and changes to administration including online processing of timesheets (23).

Facilities, Auxiliaries and Sustainability

180 suggestions referenced facilities operation, college auxiliary properties and energy conservation or sustainability efforts including coordinating building use to maximize energy efficiency (23), sustainability initiatives that involve behavioral change (18), accelerating energy efficiency efforts (33), streamlining facilities operations (43), and restructuring the operating models for some of the College’s auxiliaries (38) including the Hanover Inn, Minary Center, Hanover Country Club, Morton Farm, Skiway and others.

Non-Compensation Savings

57 suggestions referenced Procurement (20) and institution-wide policies (37) that could help to achieve savings.

Administrative Restructuring

169 suggestions referenced restructuring including senior administrative areas (32), finance (21), IT (30), communications (46), human resources (15), and sponsored research infrastructure (17).


62 suggestions related to academic programs including changes in the academic calendar (29), increasing the size of the student body (17) and various other ideas around adding or changing academic offerings (14).

In Addition

53 Implemented or Incorporated – These suggestions include projects that have been completed. These include suggestions around retirement options (24) and voluntary layoffs or reduced hours (3); establishment of a hardship fund (2); changes to financial aid including the addition of loans of up to $5,000/year for some students beginning with the Class of 2015 (2); curtailing campus events (4); suggestions about the SBRI website and other budget-related communications (10); and suggestions about facility renovations including the President’s House (4).

395 Division Referral – For review and possible implementation. Many of these are being incorporated into existing efforts or actively considered by the appropriate division/department head.

187 Question/Comment – Submission was not a suggestion but rather a comment or a question. Many of the questions now appear in the FAQ section of the SBRI website. To date, we have received 137 such comments and 50 such questions.

87 Other Status – Thirty-two suggestions are in evaluation, 16 are on hold while other projects are underway with the intent of revisiting them, and 39 have been evaluated and deemed not feasible at this time. Some of these suggestions may require the completion of other projects before they could be implemented and others may require more “bandwidth” than we currently have available in order to adequately staff a successful execution. Those deemed not feasible at this time include suggestions that the College eliminate all varsity sports or completely close the college in the summer or winter to save money.

To view summaries of the suggestions by topic or subtopic, click below:

Compensation & Benefits

Environmental Sustainability


Program Size & Scope

Revenue Generation

Student Life


To ask a questions, make a suggestion, or comment, click here.

To see suggestions made during the FY 2010 budget process, click here. To view some the outcomes of those suggestions, click here.

Last Updated: 4/1/10